Year 2 Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole Research


Elspeth’s Year 2 class recently enjoyed a trip to the National Portrait Gallery. The main aim behind this visit was to view a painting of the famous nurse Florence Nightingale. Year 2 have been learning about her life throughout the term, and researching some of the key facts.

We were also able to see a painting of Mary Seacloe during our National Portrait Gallery trip. This was a historical figure that was new to most of the children. The life of Mary Seacole was then researched in great detail back at Michael Faraday School. We were able to make comparisons with what we already know about Florence Nightingale.

Letters to Florence Nightingale and character descriptions have been produced by each pupil. You can listen to a couple of keen Year 2 historians explaining a little more about their work in the recording below.

Elsewhere in Year 2 and our maths work has been looking at different division sums. The children have been looking at word problems, and understanding how to recognise what sum is being asked in each question.


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