Year 3 History and Geography Thames Boat Trip


Year 3 have been working on a combined history and geography topic looking at the River Thames. Having already enjoyed a riverside walk earlier on in the term, both classes were treated to a Thames cruise just before the half term break.

Our history research for this topic has involved the children learning about how the river became such a central part in the story of London. Our geography learning will shortly start to look at the structure of rivers and how they flow down to the sea.

Our river cruise trip was a wonderful opportunity to observe the changing face of the riverside buildings and landmarks. The teaching staff were very impressed with the level of knowledge that most of the pupils were able to demonstrate about London.

Back in the classroom and the river work has continued. We have used our Thames trip as the inspiration to write some creative pieces of work describing our day out. A particular focus was placed on using adjectives and similes in our descriptions. Each class member was asked to choose a photograph taken on the trip, and then to describe what they can see.

We have also used this exercise to assess the improvements in handwriting techniques since the start of September. This has been a school wide aim of focussing on handwriting skills throughout all year groups. Some of the Year 3 pupils have made a remarkable transformation since September.






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