Year 4 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory English Work


Year 4 have produced some impressive written work themed around our current class reading book of Charlie and Chocolate Factory. The pupils are reading each chapter together, and then pausing to share their thoughts and ideas.

We have just reached the stage in the story where Charlie is lucky enough to find the last remaining golden ticket in his chocolate bar. This seemed liked a major news story, and so it was decided to write a newspaper report.

Class teachers Sophie and Nicole have been speaking with the pupils about what makes a newspaper report different to some of the other types of stories that we might read. We have seen how facts are used, as well as features such as a headline and pictures.

Each Year 4 pupil has written a news story describing what happened when Charlie found the winning ticket. These were then published as newspaper reports, with careful attention paid to the layout of our stories. You can listen to some of these ideas being shared in the recording below.

One thought on “Year 4 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory English Work

  • December 14, 2018 at 11:14 am

    Dear Year 4,

    We are a Year 4 class at Bedford Road Primary School, Kempston, Bedfordshire. We have just listened to your amazing, fabulous and talented Year Fours read their fantastic newspaper reports before we write our own. We think you did a brilliant job! Well done!

    Oak Class

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