Year 5 British Museum Inspired Ancient Greek Artwork


Year 5 were able to see at first hand some of the Ancient Greek artefacts that we have been learning about during a recent class trip to the British Museum. The pupils have been learning about Ancient Greek civilisation all term. There was much excitement ahead of being able to see the famous Parthenon Marbles.

The pupils have been learning about the history of the historic marbles. This has led to a class debate about the best place for the marbles to be exhibited. A consensus seemed to be that a good solution would be if Greece and Great Britain could find a way of sharing the Parthenon Marbles.

Year 5 also took the time to observe the Doric columns that can be found outside the British Museum. This theme was continued back in the classroom with some artwork involving an Ancient Greek temple being created.

Each class member was asked to design their own setting and structure. Different coloured paper was available as the main resource. The aim was to create a structured, layered piece of artwork where the background has been built up using the texture of the paper.

The pupils were asked to consider if they wanted a day or night setting. The Temple itself was created using a series of straws as the main support. The finished artwork was quite stunning, as you can see in the photo gallery below.











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