First Key Stage 2 Assembly for Sarah’s Year 3 Class


Sarah’s Year 3 class recently put on their first Key Stage 2 assembly. This was a significant moment as part of the transition from Key Stage 1 pupils. Performing in front of the elder pupils in the school can be a little intimidating. Plenty of preparation went into the assembly to help the Year 3 children with their confidence.

The theme for the assembly was to share some of our recent work based around the story of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore. We have been reading the story in class, as well as watching excerpts from the award winning film.

Year 3 found that the film was unique in that it didn’t contain any spoken words. Music plays an important part in the film as it helps to set the scene. This is an idea that was explored in our assembly.

Different class members took it in turns to read out parts of the plot in the book. Music was then added to accompany each passage. All pupils played a variety of percussion instruments to create a piece of music to match the story.

We have been experimenting in class with how we can change the mood of the music by playing louder or softer, and faster or slower. These techniques were used superbly for our Key Stage 2 assembly. All of the other pupils gave an enthusiastic round of applause at the end.










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