Nursery Children Explore Rhyming Phonics Sounds


The Nursery children at Michael Faraday School have been continuing to make progress with their early phonics learning. Phonics helps the children to sound out combinations of letters to help create some of the key sounds that are then used to create new words.

Plenty of rhyming games have taken place in the Nursery to help with this learning. The Nursery children have been working in small groups on a series of activities. Each session usually starts with the copy cat song to help remind the children about the use of rhyming words.

The copy cat bowl is then introduced. This contains a selection of different items. The children are asked to sound out the name of each item or object. Examples include a toy cat, a model house and a bell.

Each time that a new item is introduced from the copy cat bowl, the Nursery children are asked to think if the name rhymes with a previous object. Examples include a bell in a shell, a cat in a hat and a mouse in a house.

The copy cat bowl is then passed around the room. Each group member is asked to sound out what items they can see in the bowl, and to decide which ones rhyme with each other. This work is also being backed up in class with our current rhyming class book of Oi Frog.



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