Year 1 Enjoy Introduction to Guided Reading


The Year 1 children at Michael Faraday School have been working hard as part of their guided reading learning. This is a part of the curriculum that is new to the children as they continue their transition as Key Stage 1 pupils. The aim is to work in small groups and to support each other whilst reading story books, rather than looking at picture books.

A staff member supports each group during the reading. The blurb is usually read first so that we all know what the theme of the story is. The group members then take it in turns to read a page each. There is a focus on confident reading, and sharing our love of the stories with our friends.

Class teachers Zoe and Kelly ask plenty of questions during the guided reading. The children are asked about the characters and the plot. This work also aims to help the children to become familiar with story books and reading the pages in the correct sequence.

Carousel table activities back up the Year 1 guided reading. The children are asked to find their favourite page, and then to write a coupe of sentences that explain why they like this particular part of the story. Other table activities include short book reviews being written.

Elsewhere in Year 1 and our recent science research has explored the five senses. The children have been learning to distinguish which sense we are using when we experience a particular sensation.

The class members became Sense Detectives for the session. Different activities were set up that involved the Year 1 children using their senses to solve a particular puzzle. An example was to use our sense of smell to detect the smell of lavenders out of a choice of other natural products.








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