Year 2 Experiment with Creative Art Ideas


Year 2 have been experimenting with different art styles during recent lessons. The children have been encouraged to use their imagination to help create some artwork that is inspired by an existing painting.

An example is a picture of a cafe that the children were presented with. They were asked to think about what the exact same scene might look like first thing in the morning, and then last thing at night.

We have also been thinking about how a picture can tell a story. The children have been asked to look at a painting, and then to describe what might happen after this scene was created.

This has led to some artwork being created that looks outside of the original image. The Year 2 pupils were asked to extend the original artwork, and then add in what might have been missed from around the edges of the original images.

Elsewhere in Year 2 and both classes are preparing for their trip to the Central Synagogue. This is part of our RE learning that has involved a look at the Jewish faith throughout the autumn term.

A large part of this learning has been to understand why Jewish people place so much importance on the sacred Torah Scrolls. Each class member has made a model Torah Scroll which they have taken home. We are hopeful of being able to observe the Torahs being read in the Synagogue when we visit.




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