Year 6 Research Middle East Geography Research


Year 6 have started an ambitious geography topic learning all about the Middle East. We have found already that this is a vast region with many different types of physical and cultural geographies areas to explore.

The pupils have been focussing on researching different countries, and then using this knowledge to compare what it must be like to live there. We have seen how Saudi Arabia is characterised by deserts. A country like Iran is more built up.

Our research has explored some of the different cultures that live in the Middle East. We have compared the lives of nomads with hermits, as well as looking at some of the major religions in some of the countries.

Year 6 have looked in detail at the city of Jerusalem, and how Judaism, Christianity and Islam can all be found in this part of the Middle East. Worksheets have been completed for each country that has been studied. The pupils have also created a freehand map of the area.









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