Pirate Topic Continues in the Reception


The Reception children at Michael Faraday School are still having plenty of fun with their pirates topic. We have now started to learn about how pirates were able to sail around the world, and what they could find on their travels.

The children have been looking at maps and globes that pirates might have used. We have also seen how pirates were able to discover many new spices on their travels. The Reception children have enjoyed a sensory session smelling many new spices.

Pirate treasure has also been found in the Reception classes! The children have been weighing this to help with their maths learning. We have also been introduced to the Squark the parrot. This is a cheeky pirate parrot that has a habit of hiding away. The children have been using problem solving to think of ways in which we can rescue Squark.

All staff are also looking forward to welcoming parents and carers into the Reception classes as part of the Let’s Stick Together learning session. The idea is to share photographs of the children. These are then used as part of our Learning Journey project that each child is taking part in.

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