Year 1 Bear Under the Stairs and Worry Boxes


Our new reading text in Year 1 at Michael Faraday School is The Bear Under the Stairs. This is a book that helps the children to understand sequences within stories. The children will be producing plenty of written work between now and the end of term based around this story.

One of the key themes in the book is the idea of being scared of something, and then being able to find a way to overcome this fear. We will be asking the Year 1 children to think of something that perhaps might have scared them in the past. The pupils will then think about how they have managed to deal with this fear.

Worry boxes will also be made by each class member. This is where we write out our worries and then place these inside a special inside a box. The pupils will then be supporting each other to make sure that any concerns stay inside the box. Role play will also be used as part of this activity.

Some investigative learning will be used as part of this topic. The Year 1 children will soon be introduced to a mysterious large piece of material. The pupils will be asked to consider where this has come from, and what might be underneath it. This is a great activity for developing ideas and creative thought.

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