Year 2 Carry out Maths Estimation Exercise


Our Year 2 maths topic at Michael Faraday School has involved the children carrying out various investigations themed around our topic of time. One of the key learning intentions for this work is to understand the time duration of one minute.

Estimation has been key for this learning. Year 2 have been introduced to the idea of how a good estimation is a sensible guess. We have seen how an estimate can help us come up with a sensible answer when trying to initially solve a maths problem.

A number of activities were set up in the classroom to help with this investigation. These included how many times you can write your name in a minute, how many times you can draw a shape in 60 seconds, counting each time we stand up and sit down in a minute, building towers of ten cubes and how many times we can say the alphabet.

Estimates were made first. The Year 2 children were asked to think carefully about what can be achieved in 60 seconds. The pupils recorded their results, and then compared these with our estimates. We held a class conversation to see if some of our estimates had been sensible or not.

Some of the pupils were invited to share sentences about their investigation. One class member commented:

“I estimated that I could stand up and sit down 65 times in one minute. I actually managed 180. My estimate was too low.”






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