Year 3 Compose Wintery Poems


Our recent literacy work in Year 3 at Michael Faraday School has taken inspiration from The Ice Palace book. The children have just started to read this story. It tells the tale of how the main character is preparing for an expedition to a very cold landscape.

The Year 3 pupils have been thinking about what we might need if we were planning such a trip. Each class member has written and designed a travel leaflet. This explains items that we need to take, and what challenges we might face in a cold environment.

A selection of Ice Palace inspired poems have also been written by the pupils. We have proudly displayed these outside our classroom for others in our school community to read.

Elsewhere in Year 3 and our maths work has involved the children learning about fractions. This early learning has focussed on equivalent fractions. We have also been making sure to use the correct terminology such as denominators and numerators. A number of fraction based number problems have been solved.

Finally it is worth mentioning the weekly Spanish lessons that the Year 3 children have just started. We have been learning some key introductory phrases such as greetings, how are you, and goodbye.







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