Year 4 Literacy and Maths Updates


The Year 4 pupils at Michael Faraday School have now finished their work based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There was tremendous excitement as we read the last chapter and found out what happened to Charlie at the end of the book.

Literacy work will continue in Year 4 with the children reading The Tunnel by Anthony Browne for the remainder of the autumn term.

Meanwhile plenty of measuring has been taking place during our Year 4 maths lessons. The pupils have been looking in detail at measuring lengths and perimeters. We have been using different parts of our own bodies to measure and compare lengths.

Each class member has thought of a number of questions to ask. These include ideas such as: is my height the same as my arm span? The pupils then solved these number questions by making the correct measurements. All of the results were recorded and entered into our maths books.

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