Year 6 Michael Faraday Mannequin Video Meme!

The Year 6 students at Michael Faraday School have been keen to take part in the current mannequin craze that is sweeping the internet. This involves groups of people holding a pose for a period of time whilst a cameraman walks around them and films the scene. Our Friday PE session seemed like the perfect opportunity in which to attempt this.

The pupils have been playing some naval navigation games as part of our PE learning. Different instructions are given out by Captain Leanne. These relate to parts of a ship, as well as some of the duties that the crew need to carry out. Each instruction has a corresponding physical activity – perfect for the mannequin challenge!

Small groups of pupils worked together to put together a naval mannequin pose. The challenge was then set to hold this pose for over a minute. It was plenty of fun – as you can see in the video above!





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