Makaton Learning in the Michael Faraday Reception


The Reception children will soon start preparing for a visit to the Unicorn Theatre to see a production of Boing! This is a story that is themed around the famous Twas a Night Before Christmas poem.

Plenty of rehearsals are also taking place ahead of the Michael Faraday School Winter Concert. The reception children will be singing Little Donkey. We have been thrilled to discover that we have some beautiful singing voices in the Michael Faraday Reception.

Part of this learning has been to introduce makaton to the children. This is a form of sign communication. It is useful in helping children whose first language is not English to be able to enjoy all of our Reception activities. Various Christmas themed makaton sings have been learnt. The Reception class currently has a photo display demonstrating our new makaton knowledge.

The final few weeks of the term will also see some learning in Reception looking at the days of the week. We will be using an Advent calendar to help with this work. The children will be asked to think about what it means when we count down to a particular event.






One thought on “Makaton Learning in the Michael Faraday Reception

  • December 7, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    I am Bella Stewart’s grandmother and live in Africa. I love the innovative, creative things you teach the children.

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