Maths Learning in the Michael Faraday Nursery


The Michael Faraday Nursery children have been continuing with their regular counting sessions. Many different games are used to help the children develop their ability to count up and down the number line.

A recent favourite game involves counting strawberries. Each group member takes it in turns to roll a large dice. The challenge is to then count out the same number of strawberries into our baskets.

Encouragement is given from other children within the group. Once the correct number of strawberries have been counted out, these are then drawn on a sheet of paper, with the correct number also added.

Elsewhere and we are also very happy to announce that some of the Nursery children are proving to be highly enthusiastic when it comes to tidying up! We have been speaking about how important it is for everyone to take care of our classroom environment. The children have risen to this challenge with some superb tidying up skills.







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