Y1 Bear Under the Stairs Books & Christmas Preparations


Year 1 have been inspired by our reading of The Bear Under the Stairs. This has led to the children planning their own book, loosely themed on the Helen Cooper story.

Each class member has been asked to think of a different character to replace the bear. The children have also had to set the location for the story. The only criteria is that their character lives underneath a particular setting.

Our stories have a start, middle and an end. The main character has a challenge to overcome. Class teachers Kelly and Zoe have been reminding the Year 1 children about the importance of punctuation. Colourful pictures have been added into our book designs.

Other recent Year 1 creative work has seen the children design some of the posters for the Key Stage 1 Winter Concert. This will take place at the school on 13th December with a 5pm start time.

Finally it is worth mentioning the fun that the Year 1 children have had taking part in the Shapes Hunt. We have been looking at how 3D shapes differ to 2D shapes as part of our recent maths learning. The pupils then took part on a hunt around our school to try and identify as many 3D shapes as possible.










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