Year 2 Jim and the Beanstalk English Learning


Year 2 have started work on reading Jim and the Beanstalk by Raymond Briggs. As the title suggests, this is a story that is a sequel to the famous traditional fairy tale.

The children have completed a number of written pieces of work based around the book. One of the key learning intentions has been to make use of speech marks. We have seen how those can make our stories appear realistic.

Class teachers Elspeth and Rafiat have encouraged the children to include plenty of verbs in their work. This work has developed into changing the root verb into the past tense – quite a challenging task for the Year 2 pupils.

Predictions have been made about how the story of Jim and the Beanstalk might end. Year 2 have enjoyed creating some drama around this book. We have used freeze frame techniques to describe what is taking place at different times.

Other recent Year 2 work has involved our preparations for the grand Michael Faraday Winter Concert. The children will be performing Cowboy Carol, the French song Vive le Vent, as well as joining our Year 1 friends to perform I Wish It Could Ve Christmas Every Day. Expect a lively performance!

We ware also proud to share some of the recent Year 2 artwork. Each week the pupils research the work of a particular famous artist. So far we have looked at the paintings of Matisse, Monet and Picasso. The children look at the style of each artist, and then use a variety of materials to create their own similar work.






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