Year 3 Amazing Ice Palace Assembly


Kul’s Year 3 class at Michael Faraday recently stage a Key Stage 2 assembly where they shared their ideas based around the current class reading book of the Ice Palace.

The assembly started with a timely question being asked:

“Is it cold today?”

The pupils had looked at the London weather forecast, and were able to state that the temperature was around zero degrees. We then made a comparison with how cold the weather is in the Ice Palace.

Some of the pupil then read out some work describing what preparations might be needed for a trip to the Ice Palace. This then led to a little science, with frostbite and hypothermia being explained.

The story of the Ice Palace was then shared. Some of the Year 3 children acted out a short scene. Masks were used for characters such as the wolves. Some poetry that the pupils had written was also shared.

Year 3 have yet reach the conclusion of The Ice Palace. We left our dramatisation of the story hanging on a cliff hanger for the other Key Stage 2 children!

This was a brave performance from the Year 3 pupils, performing in front of the elder children in the school. Plenty of confidence was on show. Each class member had a reading part.





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