Year 4 English, Maths and Science Updates


Our English work in Year 4 at Michael Faraday School has seen the pupils start to read Anthony Browne’s The Tunnel book. The pupils have been introduced to the brother and sister characters who seem to constantly argue.

We have been trying to understand some of the motivations for these characters early on in the book. Plenty of written work has been completed thinking about the plot from the perspective of both the brother and the sister. One of the key aims has been to make use of present perfect tense in our writing.

Elsewhere in Year 4 and our maths work has looked at strategies to help solve mental multiplication and division sums. We have been looking at how it is important to be able to use as many different methods as possible when answering a maths question.

Finally our Year 4 science learning has looked at the topic of sound. We have been researching the human ear and how it works. The pupils were asked to think of a number of questions that they would like to research in more detail.

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