Y6 Explore Ideas Associated with War with Written Work


Year 6 have been considering the topic of war as part of our recent literacy work. This is a very deep and complex piece of learning. The Year 6 students have approached their work with great maturity.

Our interest in this topic came about through our recent research into the Middle East. The pupils observed that the area has sadly witnessed a number of wars. We were keen to find out some of the reasons why this might be taking place. We have also been looking at the idea of Remembrance Sunday and why this is such an important occasion.

The first question that the students were asked to answer is why do wars take place? This led to a class discussion, where it soon became clear that there is never an easy answer. Different types of wars were identified. These included Civil Wars, World Wars and wars that involve an invasion of another country.

Each pupil has started work on writing a piece of persuasive writing. Our opening paragraph sets the scene by addressing what war is like. The pupils were asked to include powerful adjectives in their work.

As well as looking at why wars take place we have also considered reasons as to why countries shouldn’t go to war. Some of the writing looked at how certain situations makes war sadly inevitable.

This is currently a work in progress for the Year 6 students. You can hear some of the early pieces of work being read out by a selection of pupils in the recordings below.


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