Reception Children Recap on Autumn Term Knowledge

The Reception children are recapping on some of the knowledge that we have been learning throughout the first term of teaching at Michael Faraday School. Class teachers Emily and Catherine have been carrying out various assessments with each pupil, to help plan for future learning in 2017.

The main maths assessment has been to help the children count from one to ten, and then hopefully higher. Some of the children have been able to count up to 30. Chocolate coins have been used to help with this exercise. A new coin is added after each new number. This has helped the children to visualise the number line sequence.

Some of the Reception children need a little extra help with teen numbers from 13 to 19. It would be wonderful if a little counting time could take place with adults over the Christmas break. The children should be focussing on placing numbers in the correct order, as well as identifying the numbers when they are written down.

Plenty of games have been taking place as part of the phonics assessments. These help the pupils to understand the sounds that combinations of letters make. All of the Reception children have progressed with their learning since September.

Plus we have also been preparing for the various Christmas activities at Michael Faraday School. The Winter Concert was a huge success. The children put in spectacular performances of Little Donkey and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. The children are looking forward to the Christmas party during the final week of term. We will be singing, dancing and sharing some party food.

Our first topic for the new term in January will be to explore the world of animals. We will be learning about where animals come from, how some are endangered and ways in which we can care for them. We are also hopeful of a farm trip!

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