Year 3 Science Sandwich Tasting Session

Our main science learning for the autumn term in Year 3 at Michael Faraday School has involved the children learning about food nutrition. The pupils have been researching the main food groups, and understanding the importance of eating a balanced diet.

This has led the children to keeping a detailed food diary over a three day period. The aim was to demonstrate how we eat a mixed diet, but also to look at how we could possibly improve this further still.

The final task was for each pupil to design, and then evaluate their ideal tasty sandwich. Different choices had to be made, such as the type of bread being used, and what the sandwich filling will consist of.

Once the sandwiches had been prepared, the evaluation then took place. The Year 3 class members were asked to consider the texture, the smell, the presentation and the taste. Each of these categories were given a score out of five.

You can listen to a couple of the pupils explaining a little more about their science work in the recording below.

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