New Stories in the Michael Faraday Nursery

The Nursery children have settled well back into the daily routine as the new spring term starts at Michael Faraday School. Class teachers Annette and Deanna have been helping the children to recognise which day of the week it is, and to keep a track of the date on the class calendar.

One of the early themes for this term in the Nursery is to understand the changing weather. We have all noticed that it is much colder when we are playing in the outdoor Nursery space. The children are reading Bear Snores On to help us to think a little more about the changing weather.

This is a story that explains how the bear likes to sleep through the winter months. We held a class conversation about how bears night keep warm, and then how we can all keep warm with our special winter clothes.

Annette and Deanna have been adding in many different drama angles as we read Bear Snores On. The Nursery children have pretended to be sleeping bears in a warm cave. Other actions have also involved the characters such as the mouse, the hare and the badger. Questions about the plot are asked as we make progress through the book.

The Nursery children also took part in a sleeping bear game. All of the children were asked to pretend to be a sleeping bear with their eyes closed. An adult then tapped one sleeping bear on the shoulder. This was the signal for that bear to wake up and say:

“I am the sleeping bear!”

The other Nursery children then had to guess who was the sleeping bear.

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