Reception Animals Topic and Drumming Video!

The Reception children are enjoying their new theme of learning all about animals. We are reading a number of different books to help with this topic. The current class favourite is Tanka Tanka Skunk.

This is a story that involves many animals. The book uses sounds and syllables to help describe the animals. The Reception children have been having plenty of fun sounding out some of the characters in the book using the small school drums.

This activity has also developed into a louder outdoor drumming experience. We have set up a collection of kitchen based drums for the children to explore. Early work has involved the children starting and then stopping at different times during a drumming sequence.

Our next animal reading book will be Leopard’s Drum. This is a traditional African tale that also uses sound to help to learn a little more about different animals.

Some of the children have set up a pretend pet shop in a corner of the Reception area. We will soon be adding a vet service to this activity. We are also hopeful of a visit in future weeks from an animal specialist to talk about their work.

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