Year 1 Children Start Fairytale Topic

Year 1 have started a new fairytale topic as we enter the new spring term at Michael Faraday School. Our work started with a shared class brainstorming session to see what existing knowledge the children already have. We were surprised to find that we were able to already name many fairytales.

The class discussion then started to think about what we can often find in fairytales. As well a magical title, each story usually has some unique characters, a special setting and some words or catchphrases that help to identify the story as a fairytale.

This helped the Year 1 pupils to understand what makes fairytales different to some of the other stories that we read. The children were all familiar with sentences such as ‘once upon a time,’ or ‘happily ever after.’

The first piece of work to be completed around this topic was for our existing fairytale knowledge to be displayed in a poster. Four groups each worked on a set theme, covering titles, settings, characters and language.

Our fairytale learning in Year 1 will continue over the coming weeks. We will be using our fairytale learning so that the Year 1 pupils can write their own special fairytale.

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