Year 2 Maths Partition Learning

The Year 2 pupils have started their maths learning for the spring term. The current focus is on number partitioning. This helps the children to understand how we can break down large numbers to helps answers different maths questions.

The early partitioning work in Year 2 has looked at single and double digit numbers. A basic example is how the number 15 can be understood as one 10 and five units. This knowledge can then be used to help answer some addition sums.

Year 2 have been using the partition blocks and cubes to help visualise the sum. A number such as 79 is represented by seven blocks of ten, and nine units. A second number can be added to this by using the blocks and cubes to find the final total.

Each class member completed a partitioning maths sheet. The lesson concluded with some number statements being answered as true or false. An example is 58=53+6. The pupils were asked to partition the numbers, and then to decide if the statement was correct.

Class teacher Elspeth has also been speaking with the children about the marbles in a jam jar challenge. A marble is placed inside the jam jar at the end of every successful lesson. Our Year 2 class rules focus on being kind and polite, being a good listener, following instructions, speaking with our indoor voices and focussing on the work.

We are hopeful of a full jam jar by the end of January!

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