Year 3 Activities to Start the New Spring Term

Year 3 have managed to complete a number of cross-curricula activities during the first few days of the new spring term at Michael Faraday School. Of primary importance was seeing to our spring daffodil bulbs!

These were planted back in September. The Year 3 pupils have been taking care of these each week by making sure that they have been watered and receive plenty of sunlight. There was much excitement after the Christmas break as we checked on the plant progress.

Many of the bulbs have now started to shoot up out of the pots. We are hopeful of being able to take these home as fully grown flowers for Mother’s Day – or possibly even Valentine’s Day if they grow sooner!

Elsewhere in Year 3 and our spring term work has looked at how different countries and cultures celebrate the New Year around the world. Each class member has completed a comprehension exercise to answer some set questions.

We also have a focus on handwriting in Year 3. Class teachers Sarah and Kul are keen to hand out the esteemed Pen Licences to any pupils that show a significant improvement. The emphasis here is on joined up writing that is clear and easy to read.

Finally Year 3 have re-started their weekly Spanish lessons. Last term we learnt the names of different animals in Spanish. The first few weeks of the spring term has focussed on numbers. Both of these topics have been combined, with the Year 3 children playing a game of Spanish animal dominoes!

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