Year 6 Devise Own Science Experiment

The Year 6 students at Michael Faraday School have just completed setting up their own scientific experiment. The main aim was to understand each stage that is needed in the process, and then to demonstrate how a fair and balanced scientific test had been completed before reaching a conclusion.

The starting question was to investigate how fitness can affect your heart rate. The students came up with the idea of taking their pulse before exercise, and then repeating this at different stages whilst exercise is taking place.

Predictions were made about what might happen to our heart rate. The procedure had to be planned ahead of the experiment. The students considered what resources they might need, and how they would organise their test.

Variables needed to be added. This describes what changes during the experiment. This is different to the constants – the processes we will keep the same, such as taking our pulse at regular intervals.

The experiment was then carried out. All of the results were carefully logged in our science books. Year 6 were able to then reach the conclusion that exercise increases our heart rate.

The final task was to complete a graph to display the results. This involved using our maths knowledge about the best way to present different types of data. This project was the first step in helping the pupils to work independently and to set up their own science experiments for the remainder of the year.

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