Nursery Story Telling and Yoga Fun

The Nursery children are continuing to enjoy their weekly yoga sessions. These take place each Friday morning with our skilled yoga teacher Serena leading the class.

The idea is to improve the flexibility of the pupils, as well as to have some fun with some favourite Nursery storytelling.

A gentle stretch usually starts each yoga class. The children then join Serena in singing our special welcome song.

Each yoga session is themed around one of our favourite Nursery books. These are chosen to compliment any of the reading that the children are enjoying back in the classroom.

A recent session involved some special yoga stretches based around the Goldilocks and the Three Bears book. Serena told the story, and added in a series of stretches that helped to describe what was taking place in the plot.

The physical activity slowly increases as the children get warmed up with their movements. Serena asks the children for some help with the storytelling. This reminds them of the sequence of the plot. A gentle stretch then concludes each session.

Future Nursery yoga classes will involve some special Shrove Tuesday pancake exercises. We will also have a countdown to Easter with some new yoga moves introduced.

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