Reception Ordinal Numbers and Running Races!

The Reception children have been working hard on ordinal numbers as part of our maths learning for the spring term. This describes how we can put numbers in order, and to understand how some values are greater than others.

This learning has been very practical, with plenty of play involved. The children have been taking part in an obstacle course that has been set up in the Reception outdoor play area. Races have taken place, with competitors being ranked as first, second or third.

Medals have been made to help differentiate what it means to either win the race or to achive second or third place. The children have also been proudly wearing their race rosettes.

This learning has also involved the Reception children responding to the instructions for each race. Our obstacle course requires each runner to carry out activities such as going in or out, moving around a cone or touching the floor.

Elsewhere in the Michael Faraday Reception and we are continuing with our animal topic. Our current class reading book is Dear Zoo. This contains themes looking at animals make good pets, and others that might need to live in their own environment.

Our Reception pop up pet shop will soon be converted into a vets surgery. The children will be asked to consider how we can care for animals to help to keep them safe.

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