Year 1 Traditional Indian Dancing Video

The Year 1 children at Michael Faraday School are enjoying their weekly PE dance sessions. We are looking at different style of dance from around the world during the spring term. The pupils have already mastered South American Zumba. Traditional Indian dancing was the latest style for the children to impress with.

Class teacher Zoe demonstrated many different Indian dance routines. The Year 1 pupils soon picked up on the moves, adding in plenty of rhythm to keep in time with the traditional music.

A large part of this learning is to be able to follow the changing instructions. The routines changed pace and style with each song.

The session came to a close with some slower dance moves involving some stretching to help with the winding down. Zoe was very impressed with how quickly the children were able to pick up the dance moves after only one session.

Our next stop on our Year 1 worldwide tour of different dance styles will involve a look at contemporary African dancing. We already have some funky afrobeat music lined up to help with these moves.

We are hopeful of organising a short dance display later in the term for parents and carers to come along and watch. You can see some of the Year 1 traditional Indian dancing moves in the short video above.

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