Year 2 Yeti and the Bird Creative Writing

Our English learning in Year 2 at Michael Faraday School has seen some creative writing based around the current class reading book of The Yeti and the Bird. This tells the story of the unlikely friendship between these two different animals.

The Year 2 children were asked to write their own story inspired by some of the ideas in the book. The task was set to think of two types of animals who are unlikely to become friends.

A problem was needed as the main part of the plot. The children were encouraged to explain in their stories how this problem was overcome by the characters. Class teachers Rafiat and Elspeth asked the pupils to explain some of the emotions for the two main characters.

It was very encouraging to see so many different endings appearing in the stories. The Year 2 children used the starting point of the Yeti and the Bird, and were then able to create their own unique twist on the story.

We are proud to be able to present a selection of the Year 2 pupils sharing their stories in the recordings below.

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