Year 3 Stone Age Workshop and Class Assembly

Both Year 3 classes recently took part in a Portals to the Past workshop that took place at our school. We have been reading Stone Age Boy as our main class book. The children have been keen to find out more about the Stone Age and how people lived during this period.

Our Stone Age workshop was very practical. Some of the pupils had the opportunity to dress up in Stone Age costumes. We also saw how fire was made during the Stone Age period by rubbing two sticks together.

Stone Age flint tools were also available for the pupils to observe. We were shown how these were then used to skin animals to help make the clothes that were worn for protection.

These ideas were then taken on board by Sarah’s Year 3 class during a Key Stage 2 assembly. The pupils passed on many of the facts from the workshop to help our friends understand a little more about the Stone Age period.

Some drama also took part as part of our presentation. Some of our favourite scenes from Stone Age Boy were acted out. The story explains the significance of cave paintings from this period. The pupils had prepared some paintings as props for the assembly.

This was a very powerful assembly presentation by Sarah’s Year 3 class. Many of the pupils are still a little nervous about sharing our work as Key Stage 2 students. Plenty of confidence was on show.

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