Year 4 Princess Blanket Creative Artwork

The Year 4 pupils at Michael Faraday School have started to read The Princess’ Blankets – our new class book for the first half of the spring term. This tells the tale of a Princess who is always cold. A mysterious figure helps her our with different blankets.

These blankets are presented to her as part of different geographical settings. They include earth blankets, ocean blankets and mountain blankets. These somehow help to keep the Princess warm.

This then led the Year 4 pupils to think about some possible ideas for their own magical blanket. An art lesson was put aside to design a unique blanket that held some special powers to keep the Princess warm.

Class teacher Sophie also wanted to see examples of some careful colouring. It was explained how colouring in straight lines will help to add some texture to our drawings.

The next phase for this learning will be for the pupils to write their own stories based around their art designs. Our blankets will be the springboard in which to think of a new twist for the Princess’ Blankets story.

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