Nursery Fun with the School Parachute

The Nursery children have been having fun playing with the school parachute. This is large creative resource that can used to help with many learning activities.

One of the key aims for the Nursery children is to listen out for instructions. Small groups of children take it in turn to hold the parachute.

Class teacher Deanna asks each group to complete a set activity. The instructions include lift the parachute up, lift it down or turn it around in a circle. The children work together in a team to achieve this.

One of the favourite instructions is to hep the parachute go to sleep. The children all lie inside the parachute. When it is time for the parachute to wake up, we then give it a good stretch.

The children have been learning about the colours of the rainbow by playing with the parachute. Another activity involved the children going underneath the parachute and describing the colours.

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