Year 1 Investigate the Properties of 3D Shapes

Our maths work in Year 1 has involved the children learning to recognise the properties of 3D shapes. We started this learning by thinking about how 3D shapes are different to 2D shapes. One of the children came up with the definition that 3D shapes are not flat.

The pupils then started to think about some of the 3D shapes that we can see around us at school and at home. Our research looked at cones, cubes, cuboids, rectangular prisms, cylinders, triangular prisms and spheres.

Our learning looked at the ways we can identify different 3D shapes. The Year 1 children were asked to think about the number of sides, faces, angles and edges.

Table work involved the children setting up a 3D shapes puzzle for their friends. Three What Am I clues were written down. Our partners then had to guess what the 3D shape was after hearing these clues.

A group of Year 1 children share some of their ideas in the video above.

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