Year 3 Science Tests on Different Rocks

The Year 3 pupils have been linking their literacy learning with our science work. The children have been reading The Pebble in my Pocket. This book explains the geographical history of the earth.

This has led to the pupils looking at the life cycle of rocks. We have seen how lava erupts out of volcanoes to form igneous rock. Over time this becomes sedimentary rock. Extreme heat then transforms this to magma, and so the rock cycle starts once again.

Science investigations have been completed by Year 3. We have carried out a science experiment to see if all rocks sink in water. The pupils were surprised to find that pumice stone can float. We found that this is because it contains air pockets.

We also looked at the permeability of some rocks. This relates to how well a rock can hold out the water. Our experiment concluded that slate is very impermeable. This is why it is such a good material to use for roofs.

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