Reception Visit from the London Fire Brigade

The Reception children were recently treated to a visit by Paul from the London Fire Brigade. Our special guest explained a little more about the work of the Fire Brigade and how he can help us.

The session started off with a Question and Answer session. The Reception children had plenty of questions to ask Paul. We wanted to know what uniform fire fighters wear, how to put out a fire, and why do they need a big ladder?

Paul then invited a couple of the Reception children to try on a fire fighter’s uniform. He said that it should take no longer than 15 seconds to put the special clothes on. Our Reception fire fighters were close to matching this time.

We watched a short film about the Fire Brigade. The children learnt about what to do if we see a fire.

Mr Nosey the smoke alarm was introduced. Paul explained what we should do if we hear a smoke alarm. The children were told to find an adult as soon as possible. The children then joined in with the Mr Nosey smoke alarm song.

Our session finished with the message of making sure our fire alarms are working at home.

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