Year 1 English, Drama and PE Competition Preparation

Year 1 have been inspired to write our own story after reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have seen in the story how the caterpillar eats many different foods across each day of the week. Some of these are healthy, some of these are not.

We have been learning in Year 1 about what is meant by having a balanced diet. This idea was then taken a stage further as the children wrote those own story – The Very Healthy Caterpillar.

Each pupil produced a food diary for the caterpillar. He had to eat something healthy on each day of the week. You can find out a little more about the final menu selections in the short video above.

Elsewhere in Year 1 are we are getting excited about our drama project with the Blue Elephant Theatre. Both classes will be working alongside composer John Webb and his team of musicians.

The children will be expected to come up with their own ideas for a short piece of drama. John and his colleagues will then assist with writing some music to accompany the acting.

Plenty of rehearsals will take place. The conclusion will be a grand performance at the nearby Blue Elephant theatre on 27 March. All parents and carers will be invited along.

Finally we would like to mention the sports challenge that the children will be taking part in at the Elephant and Castle. This will be a friendly multi-sport challenge against friends from other Southwark schools.

We have been using our PE time in Year 1 to help practise for this event. The children have been improving their throwing and catching skills ahead of the competition.

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