Year 2 Maths Word Problem Solving

Year 2 have been working hard on solving some tricky word sums. The pupils are presented with a question that is written as a couple of sentences. The challenge is to work out what maths problems needs to be solved.

Class teachers Elspeth and Rafiat have been helping the pupils to identify the maths operation that needs to be carried out. We have been looking at clues in the words used to see if we need to add, subtract, multiply or divide.

A shared whiteboard game was played first. Four post boxes displaying the four mathematical operations were available. The class has to work together to see where we posted a series of questions that appeared on the screen.

Individual table work followed. Year 2 worked through a series of questions. Once the maths operation had been identified, the sums then needed to be answered. The pupils used techniques such as an empty number line to help with the calculations.

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