Year 3 Beatrix Potter and Weekly Mile Challenge

Year 3 have been preparing for World Book Day by looking at the work of Beatrix Potter. We have carried out a detailed author study by looking at her life in great detail.

The pupils compared their own life experiences with Beatrix Potter whilst she was growing up. We have also looked at how boys and girls were treated during this period.

This will lead to the Year 3 pupils writing their own animal stories that are inspired by the work of Beatrix Potter. We are looking forward to sharing these with the Nursery children as part of World Book Day.

Other Year 3 work includes some bus stop division learning in maths. Our science learning has involved a look at volcanoes. The pupils carried out an experiment to re-create a volcano using vinegar and sulphuric acid.

Finally it is worth mentioning that the Year 3 children are continuing with their Weekly Mile challenge. This is a collective effort where we try and run for a mile each week.

The sessions take place at the start of the school day. It is a great way for the pupils to prepare themselves for the learning ahead.

Each class member runs as many laps as they can around the school pitch. They receive a dot on their hand for each circuit. We then use our maths knowledge to add up these totals each week.

The aim is to try and improve on our distance, and to support each other as a class. Plus as you can see from the photo gallery below – it is great fun!

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