Year 4 Continue with Roman Research

Year 4 have been continuing with their Roman history learning. We have recently been researching how the Romans were able to conquer Britain, but not Scotland. This has led to a look at the role of the Picts, and how they rallied against the Romans.

We have also been looking at what life must have been like living under the Roman Empire. The pupils have written some Dear Diary entries. These tell the story of the invasion from the point of view of the Picts.

Roman artwork has been completed by the pupils. Each class member has crafted a Roman style mosaic. This includes finer detail such as the grouting between the small tiles.

A trip has been arranged to the Guildhall in London. This contains the site of what is believed to be an original Roman amphitheatre. We are also planning a trip the Roman villa at Lullingstone.

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