Year 6 Prepare for French Cooking Session

Year 6 have been continuing with their weekly French lessons. These sessions are taught by Lauren, our expert French teacher. Friendly greetings start each lesson. The students are encouraged to explain in French how they are feeling.

Our learning also includes the One Minute Challenge. This is an activity that helps Year 6 to develop their confidence when speaking in French. The whiteboard shows a grid of a number objects, numbers or colours. The challenge is to name these in French in under a minute.

The pupils are working towards cooking whilst communicating only in French. Lauren has been helping the students to prepare with some French kitchen vocabulary.

A simple game was played in small groups. A selection of cards was presented on the table showing French food tech words. One group member removed a car whilst the others weren’t looking. We had to remember which card had been removed.

Some acting then took place. Year 6 were introduced to some verb sentences that will be used during the French cooking. Some of the class members acted out an action. Our friends had to guess what we were doing.

Finally some verb sentences were matched up with the correct pictures. Year 6 should now be prepared for the practical French cooking experience.

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