Nursery New Animals Topic and Outdoor Play Fun

The Nursery children have started work on their new animals topic. We were helped with our learning by a visit from Paul the animal man. The children were able to see up close a selection of snakes, spiders and a bearded dragon reptile.

We have also been working on hard on improving our counting skills. The Nursery children have been playing the Bugs in a Jar game. Each class member is given a picture of a jam jar with a number on it. The task is to fill the jar with the correct number of bugs.

Numicon has also been used to help with number recognition. The children have been matching up numicon shapes with the correct number. All children are working towards counting from one to ten.

Finally we have been enjoying the spring weather on the new playground facilities. This is a safe, soft space for the children to explore the new outdoor resources. Adult supervision is always available. It is fantastic fun – as you can see from the photos below.

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