Reception View Snakes, Spiders and Reptiles

The Reception children had a fantastic time when we were visited by Paul the animal man. As the name suggests, Paul has an amazing collection of friendly animals. This was also a great opportunity for the children to ask some questions about the animals.

Paul was able to introduce the children to snakes, spiders, dragons and stick insects. The snakes were a particular favourite. We heard how the longest snake was a little naughty. The Reception children were asked not to go too close as the snake once tried to climb up a pair of trousers!

This learning also involved the children finding out how animals are different. We compared body parts such as how many legs each animal has. We also looked at how each animal had a different type of skin.

The Reception children are now excited about our next school trip. We will be visiting Godstone Farm in Surrey. This trip will lead to the children learning about farmyard animals. We will be reading What the Ladybird Heard to help with this learning.

Elsewhere in the Reception and the children are focussing on improving their handwriting. We have been practising our techniques using letter-join. This is the style of joined up handwriting that we encourage all pupils to use throughout the school. Work is also starting on letter blending.

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