Watch the Year 1 Recycling Song Video!

Year 1 have been thinking about how we can help to improve the environment. This work has been inspired by our current class reading book Ten Things I Can Do to Help My World.

Each class member has produced their own mini-version of the book. We have illustrated and described some of the actions that we can take to help the environment.

Re-cycling materials have been brought in from home. The children have used these to create different models. A very impressive Year 1 re-cycling robot has emerged!

Two larger projects will soon follow from each Year 1 class. Kelly’s class has decided that it would like to help some of the mini-beasts around our school. We are planning on a building an insect house to keep them safe. Zoe’s class will be planting some vegetable seeds around the school.

Some of the children have come up with their own re-cycling song. You watch this being performed in the video below.

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