Year 3 Plan Friction Science Experiment

Our science learning in Year 3 has been looking at forces. We have completed our work on pushes and pulls. Attention has now turned to look at the friction.

This work started off with a Year 3 definition of friction. We agreed that friction is a force that can stop objects from moving.

It was then time for a practical experiment. Year 3 wanted to investigate which surfaces presented the greatest amount of friction. Our experiment tested various surfaces including foam, carpet, vinyl, wood, plastic and sand.

The method for our experiment was to slide a 2p coin along each surface, and then measure how far it has travelled. The surface that allowed the coin to travel the furthest would contain the least friction.

Predictions were made ahead of the testing. We also thought about how this could be a fair experiment. Each coin needed to be pushed with the same amount of force. The coins also had to be released at the same point, and the surface needed to be flat.

The pupils logged the results in their science books. We were able to conclude that plastic contains the least amount of friction. The coin was able to travel the furthest along this surface.

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