Year 4 Roman Trips to Lullingstone and the Guildhall

Year 4 have been very active on a couple of recent school trips. Both of these were themed around our Roman history topic.

Our first trip was to the Lullingstone Roman Villa in Kent. We were able to see the foundations of an original Roman settlement. A detailed Roman mural was also on the site. The children took part in a workshop that involved designing their own Roman mural.

There was also an opportunity for pupils to dress up in Roman style costumes, and to play some Roman games. We were fortunate to have some excellent spring weather. This allowed us to have an outdoor picnic. The children also made friends with a local horse!

Our second Roman trip was to the Guildhall in central London. The basement of this building contains the remains of an original Roman amphitheatre. This was only discovered when the Guildhall was being built. This was a great opportunity to carry out some Roman acting in the historical space.

Another workshop was enjoyed by the pupils. Pupils were handed out a selection of original Roman artefacts. We had to identify what the object might have been used for. Roman coins were also passed around. Some of these were genuine, others were fake. Year 4 had to decide which were the real Roman coins.

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